EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES INITIATION TRIP October 2017: Mysteries Seminar in Kemet (Egypt ) With Dr. Muata Muata and Dr. Dja Ashby

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Egyptian Mysteries Initiation Journey week in Kemet With Muata Ashby and Dja Ashby –

For Information, Please Email Shems Akua at:

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FALL, 2017: 12 Day Seminar in Egypt




Mysteries of Asar



Accompany Sebai MAA and Seba Dja

Udja, the Sema Institute of Kemetic Yoga is pleased to announce the forthcoming trip to Kemet scheduled for October 12, 2017-October 23, 2017.

For more information or to register send to




This is a special seminar voyage where we will study the teachings of 4 main Ancient Egyptian temples and will spend several days exploring and studying the inscriptions, then practice of divine singing and chant followed by meditations daily, with yoga, spiritual counseling time as well as personal reflective time and more..

This will be a special opportunity to experience the Seti 1 temple in a way that has not been done by true Kemetic followers since ancient times, with immersion and special insights at specific locations, as has not been espoused before. This is an opportunity to connect with the teaching, not just as a tourist, but as a true follower of the teaching, with full access and no ambiguities. This is the first in a special series of seminars espousing special teachings at their original temple locations and environments. This first focuses on the essential teachings of Asar, Aset and Heru. So attendance at any of the planned seminars is designed to provide all necessary teachings to attain enlightenment. Receiving all the teachings from all seminars that may be possible if the trips remain possible in the future, will expand that teaching and insure spiritual success.


Orientation Videos  Here





Based on the book:


Book Asarian Theology cover


PROGRAM: EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES OF ASAR (OSIRIS) AND ASET (ISIS) AND HERU (HORUS): Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby has been invited to conduct  a special Kemetic retreat, an Enlightening & Healing week of Egyptian Yoga (Sema Tawi) and Shetaut Neter (Egyptian Mysteries) in Abydos (Abdu) Egypt at the foot of the Temple of Asar. Abydos is the center of the Asarian Resurrection Teaching of Ancient Egypt with its heart, the Temple of Asar which in ancient times was the Mecca of the ancient world. Each morning awaken and purify the spiritual energies through hieroglyphic chants from the scripture and temple. Then visit the temple and imbibe the feeling and wisdom of the Asarian Mysteries. In the evening experience enlightening lectures about the teaching and temple of Osiris and then end the day with soothing meditation on the mysteries of Asar, Aset and Heru. This program is designed to be an enjoyable immersion in the Shetaut Neter Egyptian Mysteries for those who seek enlightenment in this lifetime by learning and connecting to the mystic wisdom of Asar and take away the feeling and power to heal and transform life and move towards the goal of life and self-mastery in supreme peace called HOTEP.


What is so Different and Important About the Mythic Kemet Tours?



This tour of Egypt is unique because in addition to seeing the main sites as most tourists do we will also have the opportunity to visit and have extended private time in the Ancient city of Abdu, the city of Asar (Osiris). Many travelers know that it is not easy to make cultural and spiritual observances when in Egypt as these may offend the current residents. Sebai Dr. Ashby has arranged the trip where we will be surrounded by the ancient iconography and will be able to carry forth in private and without concern to practice our Ancient Egyptian culture, traditions and rituals without disturbance. This is an unprecedented development in such voyages and promises to make this trip a rare opportunity that should not be missed.


Spend an insightful week with Sebi MAA (Dr. Muata Ashby) author of over 66 books on Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Philosophy, wisdom, Music, Yoga, and spiritual practice.


Sebai MAA is author of over 66 books

Dr. Muata Ashby began studies in the area of religion and philosophy and achieved a doctorate degree in these areas while at the same time he began to collect his research into what would later become several books on the subject of the African History, religion and ethics, world mythology, origins of Yoga Philosophy and practice in ancient Africa (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) and also the origins of Christianity in Ancient Egypt. This was the catalyst for a successful book series on the subject called “Egyptian Yoga” begun in 1994. He has extensively studied mystical religious traditions from around the world and is an accomplished lecturer, musician, artist, poet, painter, screenwriter, playwright and author of over 60 books on yoga philosophy, religious philosophy and social philosophy based on ancient African principles. A leading advocate of the concept of the existence of advanced social and religious philosophy in ancient Africa comparable to the Eastern traditions such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, he has lectured and written extensively on the correlations of these with ancient African religion and philosophy.

Muata Abhaya Ashby holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and a Masters degree in Liberal Arts and Religious Studies from Thomas Edison State College. He has performed extensive researched Ancient Egyptian philosophy and social order as well as Maat philosophy, the ethical foundation of Ancient Egyptian society. In recent years he has researched the world economy in the last 300 years, focusing on the United States of America and western culture in general. He is also a Teacher of Yoga Philosophy and Discipline. Dr. Ashby is an adjunct professor at the American Institute of Holistic Theology and worked as an adjunct professor at the Florida International University.

Dr. Ashby has been an independent researcher and practitioner of Egyptian Yoga, Indian Yoga, Chinese Yoga, Buddhism and mystical psychology as well as Christian Mysticism. Dr. Ashby has engaged in Post Graduate research in advanced Jnana, Bhakti and Kundalini Yogas at the Yoga Research Foundation.

Since 1999 he has researched Ancient Egyptian musical theory and created a series of musical compositions which explore this unique area of music from ancient Africa and its connection to world music. Dr. Ashby has lectured around the United States of America, Europe and Africa.

Through his studies of the teachings of the great philosophers of the world and meeting with and studying under spiritual masters and having practiced advanced meditative disciplines, Dr. Ashby began to function in the capacity of Sebai or Spiritual Preceptor of Shetaut Neter, Ancient Egyptian Religion and also as Ethics Philosopher and Religious Studies instructor. Thus his title is Sebai and the acronym of his Kemetic and western names is MAA. He believes that it is important to understand all religious teachings in the context of human historical, cultural and social development in order to promote greater understanding and the advancement of humanity.




Day 1: Depart USA

Board your international flight to Cairo and begin your journey back in time to the ancient land.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Day 2: Arrive in Cairo

Arrive at Cairo International Airport, where our tour coordinator will assist us with all customs and visa formalities. Transfer to our next flight to Luxor in Middle Egypt. Visit Luxor Temple in the evening. (D)


Day 3 While in Luxor 


Visit Temple of Amun (Karnak) in the morning and then In the Evening visit Temple of Amun (Luxor). (B, D)


Visiting Luxor and Karnak

In the afternoon we move on to Luxor to visit the Grand temples of Amun, the Luxor and Karnak temple. There we will visit the special places and sites of the teaching including the sanctuaries and wisdom passages, demonstrated by Dr. Ashby and this followed by a walk on the Nile




Day 4: Dendera and Temple of Asar (Osiris) at Abydos

Transfer to Abydos and on the way spend quality time at temple of Godddess Hetheru (Hathor) at Dendera.

Then Transfer  to the Temple of Asar (in Abydos).(B, D)


temple of hetheru

The itinerary of Egypt continues with a visit to Dendera with the temple of Hetheru (Hathor). We will have time and privacy to commune with ourselves, our wisdom and the spiritual site as in no other trip. We will visit the special rooms of Egyptian Yoga and mystic emulation of the gods and goddesses as well as the passages of the priests and priestesses, the Holy of Holies and many special places.

pix from visit to temple of Aset 2015




First morning session at the temple.  Afternoon free reflection and meditation time there is dinner followed by evening lecture Asar mysteries studies followed by meditation time. In Abdu, the City of Asar (Osiris) we will experience extended time with a special daily program created by Sebai MAA and Seba Dja with lectures, daily shedy practices, meditations, chant and divine singing and ritual. We will see the temple of Osiris on our own time. In the evening, new lecture followed by chant and meditation. Today we practice morning worship and meditation followed by breakfast and a visit to the temple where we explore special rooms and the teachings of the Asarian Resurrection. In the Evening a new special lecture on the Shetaut Asar (Mysteries of Osiris)

In Abdu, the City of Asar (Osiris) we will experience extended time with a special daily program created by Sebai MAA and Seba Dja with lectures, daily shedy practices, meditations, chant and divine singing and ritual. We will see the temple of Osiris on our own time. In the evening, new lecture followed by chant and meditation. In the Evening a new special lecture on the Shetaut Asar (Mysteries of Osiris) (B, D)







Day 6: Temple of Asar Initiatic Path day 2

Today is same itinerary as yesterday with exploration of a new and advancing section of the Temple with dissemination of more elevating mysteries from the translated panels of the temple of Asar. Afternoon free and evening with Asarian mystery teaching based on the readings of the morning session & conclude with meditation. (B, D)

DSC01291-for-web DSC00984-for-web

Day 7: Temple of Asar Initiatic Path day 3


Today is same schedule as yesterday with exploration of a new and advancing section of the Temple with dissemination of more elevating mysteries from the translated panels of the temple of Asar. Afternoon free and evening with Asarian mystery teaching based on the readings of the morning session & conclude with meditation. (B, D)



Dja teaching 2012 neterian COnference

Day 8: Temple of Asar Initiatic Path day 4

Today is same schedule as yesterday with exploration of a new and advancing section of the Temple with dissemination of more elevating mysteries from the translated panels of the temple of Asar. Afternoon free and evening with Asarian mystery teaching based on the readings of the morning session & conclude with meditation. (B, D)






Day 9: Temple of Asar Initiatic Path day 5

Today we begin with worship and meditation followed by breakfast and a final visit to the temple summarizing the teachings experienced on our journey. In the afternoon free to do final personal explorations. In the evening open discussion about the teachings and their meaning, questions and answers, concluding with ceremony commemorating our journey and the exploration of the Egyptian Mysteries of Asar, Aset, Heru, Hetheru, and Amun (B, D)


Day 10: Temple of Asar Initiatic Path day 6

Today will be a final morning session,with blessing ritual and initiatic anointing

Afternoon free to relax, reflect on the initiatic path, journaling, meditate and prepare to leave Abdu. (B, D)


Day 11: In the morning transfer to Sohag airport for flight to Cairo


Today we visit Giza (the actual Ancient Egyptian Neterkhert/cemetery or preparation area for the journey of the soul after death) with the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. We will also find the ruined temple of Goddess Aset (Isis) and have an opportunity to enter the Great Pyramid and see the Great Solar Boat (B, L, D)



Day 12: Depart for Egypt

After breakfast transfer to airport to depart Egypt









P1020513 P1020390 P1020489







Evenings, enjoy enlightening multimedia PowerPoint presentations on the origins of the Shetaut Asar (Osirian Mysteries), Hetheru (Hathor) and Amun. These presentations will present in depth the goal of life that the Ancient Egyptians called Nehast (Spiritual Enlightenment), through rare images and original translations of hieroglyphic texts [some from the Temple of Asar (Osiris) in Abydos] of the story of Asar (Osiris) and Aset (Isis) and other divinities and their message for us today, the most important teachings of Shetaut Neter (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries) and of the Shetaut Asar and the Temple of Asar.




This special program will include several visits to the Temple of Sety I dedicated to Asar (Osiris) in Abydos to witness firsthand the teaching presented in the lectures. In the evenings, enjoy various healing treatments, including special sessions on ancient Egyptian music, worship and meditation.


This program also includes a excursion to the temple of Hetheru at Dendera.



This program also includes a excursion to the Karnak and Luxor temples of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.


Embark with us on this journey of royal postures (Sema Tawy) and words of power (Hekau) and practice the meditation system (Uaah) of Egyptian Mysteries to commune with the divine cosmic energies and rediscover the inner soul (Ba) of peace (Hetep) within. This will be an unforgettable opportunity to renew and revitalize body and mind and advance on the spiritual path of awakened soul.

Books on Egyptian Yoga by Muata Ashby

Dr. Muata Ashby is the author of over 60 books on Ancient Egyptian philosophy, mythology, mysticism, & history including Egyptian Yoga The Philosophy of Enlightenment; he is also the originator of the Egyptian Yoga (Sema Tawi) Exercise & Meditation System called, Tjef Sema Paut Neteru, “Movement of and Union with the Gods & Goddesses,” based on the philosophy contained in the hieroglyphic text record and iconographical reliefs that will be presented. Together with his partner, Dr. Dja Ashby, they are authors of the book: Egyptian Yoga Postures of the Gods and Goddesses. Dr. Dja Ashby is also the editor & co-author of several of the books, and author of her own book on De-stressing.

Books Covered in this retreat:





Main Program Cost $3700 USD, single supplement +$400 USD

program includes Lunch and Dinner. Lunch supplement + $120



-AIR FROM New York

-Hotels in Luxor and Abydos -8 nights —

-Seminar program in Abydos

-Transfer from Luxor to Abydos and Return

-Excursion to Karnak, Luxor, Dendera Temples

-Meals- 2 meals daily- Breakfast and Dinner (Lunch supplement option also available)

-Day 11 -3 meals


Tentative program schedule and itinerary:

For more information email







Two ways to pay:

1-send payment through paypal as friends and family transfer and include note with your name, address and phone number-send to


2-Send payment via check or money order to:

Sema Institute, PO Box 570459, Miami. Fl. 33257


**You may send payments each month for the balance. All payments must be made by August 1, 2016



-Visit to Temple of Aset in Aswan

-Visit to Temple of Heru in Edfu






After Reading Fill Out and Return the Registration Form



HTP (Peace) and DUA (Blessings)!

On behalf of the Sema Institute of Yoga, Temple of Aset, Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, and the Pilgrimage to Kemet organizing committee, we would like to extend a formal welcome to you for your anticipated participation at this year’s spiritual pilgrimage to Kemet.

Within this/these pages, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the trip. If after thoroughly reading the entire document, you still have questions, contact the Sema Institute at 305-378-6253.

Registration will be on a first come basis. We will refund any deposit made if registration becomes full and we cannot accommodate you.


Program cost $3700 USD without Air*

single supplement +$400 USD

program includes Lunch and Dinner. Lunch supplement +90


Suggested Payment Plan

*Payments can be made in any amount as long as the final payment is made on or before July 31, 2016.

*Not included in the cost of the tour is Air travel from your country or air travel within Egypt

*Not included in the cost of the tour is trip insurance, beverages, personal expenses, passports and visa fees

*Included: tips [the usual gratuity expected by porters, waiters, maids, etc ].



1-SEND VIA PAYPAL as friends and family transfer -to

2-Checks, money orders,

Checks and money orders should be made out to: Sema Institute

Mail to:

Sema Institute

PO Box 570459

Miami FL 33257

Note: There will be a $25 fee for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Credit and/or debit card payment info is to be provided on the Registration Form. Under no circumstances should anyone send cash.


We are requesting that the two meals per day be non-dairy vegetarian/vegan. NO MEAT or ALCOHOL of any kind will be served.

Note: If a vegetarian/vegan foods predominant menu is a departure from your regular diet, and if you have any health conditions; e.g., diabetes, or dietary restrictions that may be adversely impacted by this dietary change, consult with your doctor and get their permission to attend this program. Also, speak with Seba Dja directly at 305-378-6253. We may be able to accommodate your special needs (with the exception of meat) if we know your situation in advance.

(Note: No meat, alcohol or cigarettes or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed on the tour. The Sema Institute of Yoga reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the tour for violation of the food protocol.)



*To join the tour you will travel to Cairo and then another flight from Cairo to Luxor.

*Air travel from your country to Egypt and within Egypt is IS included in the trip cost. 

*You can buy this visa (ca 25) in one of the bank offices in the Hall of the airport you they pass by when you walk from their flight direction transfers. If you want to change money you can do that there also when you arrive in Cairo and then transfer to your flight from Cairo to Luxor

Do not get travel insurance  until you receive notice from us to do so! Once we get the required number of attendees 60 days prior to travel -and all travel safety and environmental conditions have been verified –we will provide you with this information.



The fourth is a four star. Lodging for each participant will be double occupancy. If you have a preferred roommate this information should be included in the Registration Form that is to be submitted with your payment. Single room occupancy requests will be honored for an increased fee of $400 dollars based on availability.



Loose fitting clothing that is appropriate for a spiritual pilgrimage/setting. Summertime temperatures in Egypt are very hot. Clothing that is white should be provided if you plan on participating in the ritual portion of the pilgrimage. You will also want to bring spending money. Attendees may bring their own pillowcase or pillow to sleep on. Linen and towels are provided. The rooms are air conditioned and heated. You should bring your own toiletries. Sebai Maa and Seba Dja will provide all participants with more specific items to bring as the pilgrimage date nears. You may wish to bring your own healthy snacks, such as nut trail mixes, raisins, etc. We also suggest you bring products/medications for diarrhea, gastrointestinal upset and motion sickness just in case.



Please review the Registration on the last page of this document and fill it out in its entirety. This form should be submitted at the time of making the first installment or total registration payment. No one will be allowed to participate until a signed legible registration form is received from each participant.



REFUNDS: It is understood that acts of God, war, or terrorism other events beyond the control of

The Sema Institute of Yoga could prevent pilgrimage from taking place. If something like this occurs prior to August 12, 2016 which would prevent the program from taking place, the entire registration fee will be refunded. Short of these types of events the entire registration fee is non-refundable on August 12, 2016.


CANCELLATION POLICY: The $200 dollar deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations must be received in writing. A 25% charge will be assessed for cancellations received within 65 days of departure. Cancellations made within 50 days of departure for the tour will receive NO refund. All cancellations are subject to a $100 dollar administrative fee. No exceptions will be made to this cancellation policy.


TRAVEL INSURANCE: We require participants to purchase Travel insurance; it should cover being airlifted out of Egypt in case of serious injury or illness. Also, the insurance should cover emergencies such as terrorism so that if there is an issue in a city that will be visited within certain amount of time then the cost of the trip would be reimbursed if there is a need to cancel the trip sue to such a reason.

One company with such policies is:

There is more than one Nomad product n. You will be purchasing individually. This means they each person will be given their own certificate of insurance and policy that they will be responsible for. This will be needed if a claim has to be made. The rates may change depending on where you live.


WAIVER: It is understood that the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents may take pictures, record by video and/or audio, activities and/or group conference sessions. It is understood that during this photo/video/audio recording that your image or voice may be recorded. By attending this trip you give permission to the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents to record your image through video and/or audio means. You also understand and hereby give permission to the Sema Institute of if Yoga and/or its agents to use any photo, video or audio recording that may contain your image or likeness. You voluntarily consent to allow the use of your image by the Sheti Group and/or Sema Institute of Yoga and waive any right to financial remuneration for its future potential use. You hereby release and hold harmless the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents for any claim by you, your heirs and/or assigns regarding the use of your image gathered during the pilgrimage for its future potential use.

It is also understood that Tjef Sema Paut Neteru Yoga Exercises will be done during the pilgrimage. You understand that engaging in these sessions is strictly voluntary and if you do so, you participate at your own risk. You hereby waive any legal claim that you may have based upon an injury that could occur based upon your voluntary participation in these sessions and agree to hold harmless the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents from claims resulting there from.

You represent that you are in good health and have no physical ailments; otherwise, you have consulted and have your doctor’s permission to participate in this program, particularly as concerns the vegetarian-vegan diet and participation in the Tjef Sema Paut Neteru Yoga Exercises.

Note: Anyone having a doctor’s consent to attend the program, or illness or injury is advised to contact and inform Seba Dja of any condition or illnesses, including but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or respiratory disease, back or other orthopedic problems. You can call and speak directly with Seba Dja at 305-378-6253, or email her at; she will let you know if she needs further details about your condition or a doctor’s consent.

In consideration of the fees paid for attending the Pilgrimage to Kemet trip you for yourself, heirs, personal representatives and or assigns, hereby release the Sema Institute of Yoga and/ or any of its respective agents, employees, and/or officers, from any liability, damages, claims or causes of action, arising out of your participation in the trip except as otherwise provided by law. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents from any claims, causes of action, or other judicial proceedings costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities including attorney fees brought solely as a result of your negligence, willful misconduct, and failure to abide by the rules and regulations promulgated by the sponsor.

You also acknowledge your understanding that the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents act only as agent for various companies over the lines of which tickets are available and these tours operate and assumes no responsibility for liability with service in connection with the service of any train, vessel, carriage, aircraft, motor or other conveyance which may be used wholly or in part in the performance of its duty to the passenger, neither will it be responsible for any act, error of omission or for any injury, loss, accident delay or irregularity which maybe occasioned by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through neglect or default of any hotel proprietor or hotel service, or for any other person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets or coupons are issued. If it becomes necessary or advisable to change any hotel for the comfort or well-being of the attendees for any reason whatsoever or to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty to the operators. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passenger, conversely, refund will be made to the passenger if any saving is effected thereby. The right is reserved to withdraw any or all tours should conditions warrant.

I understand that the Sema Institute of Yoga and/or its agents reserve the right to ask me to leave the tour immediately at any time, without prior notice, if it/they feel that I am a disruption to the program. Examples of conduct that would cause this to occur include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consumption of alcohol;
  • Smoking of cigarettes;
  • Smoking of or carrying marijuana;
  • Use of or carrying any type of illegal drug;

In this event, I understand that no refund will be given to me and the expense incurred to travel back to your home state of origin will exclusively be borne by you.

“Be sure to fill out the next page of the Registration form completely and submit this to the Sema Institute at the time of making your first payment. For those without the ability to scan their form, we will accept an electronic signature. Uncompleted forms will not be accepted.”

Dua-Thank you




Fill in ans send in he Registration Document as son as possible once yo have decided to attend the trip.