Questions for the Book Project – Mysteries of the Kybalion Part 1


the second installment of the book project will be uploaded soon. Here are some study questions for those of you who are studying the text so that you may seek out some of the important themes contained in the text.

These questions below apply to: Book Project – Mysteries of he Kybalion Part 1

What us hermetica?
Who is Hermes Trismegistus?
What is “Djehuty aah-u”?
Who records the results of the balance of the human heart?
Where is Nag Hammadi?
What is the Ancient Egyptian name for the god that the ancient Greeks called “Hermes”?
Who was the scribe of the Creator in the Ancient Egyptian Creation myth?
Who is the “Healer of the Eye”?
Who is said to have written the books of the Pertmheru?
What teaching is given in the Book of Djehuty?
Who is the mystic physician and what does he heal?

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  1. djeddukheru
    February 17, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Answers to Question below, in the order as presented;

    1. Egyptian-Greek Wisdom Texts
    2. Thrice Greatest Hermes, teacher who presents the texts of the Hermetica. In this case Djehuti
    3. Egyptian hieroglyphic title of Djehuti, meaning three times great.
    4. Djehuti
    5. Kemet (Egypt)
    6. Djehuti
    7. Djehuti
    8. Djehuti
    9. Djehuti
    10. Serpent Power—-(Djehuti holds the staff where the two serpents meet). Purifying, activating the sefch ba ra. 7 energy centers.
    11. Djehuti; he heals intuitional wisdom. Djehuti repaired heru higher vision.


  2. Sebaimaa
    February 17, 2014 at 3:25 am

    New questions for study and reflection have been added today to this book project for Mysteries of the Kybalion

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