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Subj: Practical life problem, and the Spiritual (yogic) solution?

Greetings! Thank you for the practical and spiritual insights to my situation. Last Sunday when you said that I must be like you, I think I understand. The ultimate modeling that I will do is think like you, and that means not thinking. Since I feel that a sage is not thinking using an ego-based mind, but spontaneously allowing the divine to express and manifest itself through them (their nervous system). Hetep!


It is certainly true that enlightened sages operate out of a spontaneous wisdom derived from the spirit. An aspirant should learn to live in this manner as well and thereby become enlightened as well. However, until such enlightenment is attained, the aspirant should be guided by the teacher as well as the scriptures. If this process is engaged effectively, the aspirant will undoubtedly attain enlightenment and of course all who may be close to such a personality will be benefited greatly.


Sebai Maa


Q: What can I do about my daily spiritual discipline? I am not doing the exercises and the world seems to pull me in constantly?


Your plight is not unusual. You may consider “starting out small and growing big”. This means that you should incorporate the barest element of the program and then add on as your ability and desire increase. So begin doing one thing and do not burden yourself with more. If you do nothing else, practice the Journey of Ra posture series and no matter what just do this. Do not worry about the other postures. See what will happen.

Further helps to the spiritual discipline are conducting regular study group sessions. You may wish to start a group in your area. This helps to maintain enthusiasm and interest high. Listen to the tapes and lead discussions-see the Home Study Guide.

Further, attend the seminars-they are a great booster in maintaining the spiritual discipline.

Another Option setting up a seminar/workshop in your area. If you agree with this idea you should be the person in charge and the work you will do to manage the program will help you to develop devotion towards the teaching and the teacher and this will give you impetus to promote your own spiritual discipline.

Sebai Maa

Hi Dr. Ashby, hope things are well with you. My friend met you this summer. She and her husband were present the night that you spoke. She has just recovered from triple bypass surgery. While she was ill in the hospital, she saw you in her dream. She wanted me to tell you that. You made a very strong impression on her. Hopefully she will get in contact with you when she feels better.


Having visions of those who have caused a strong impression is a normal and auspicious event. It signals the higher self within is pointing towards the need in which the soul wants to direct life. When we have problems and adversities in life it is due to our going in a direction other than what the inner self, the soul, God, wants. This causes stress and disease. We must look towards what is fruitful and glorious as opposed to what is leading to inner disharmony. The bypasses can take care of the immediate problem but the source of the problem is not with the heart or the blood vessels or even diet. Although at some point these changes must be made, these are only effects of misdirection in life. The true cause of the problem is denying the higher need of the inner self. Disease is the soul’s way of letting us know that we must change direction in our lives, the lifestyle as well as the purpose of life must change and this will lead to health, prosperity and inner peace. You may convey to her that I remember her and have prayed for her speedy recovery.

Sebai Maa

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  2. AkhuRa
    May 21, 2013 at 9:53 am


    Sebai Maa. I have been practicing virtuously the practices laid out in your books, of which I have bought most. I have gone through many tests, which only brought me greater experiential understanding of the practice. I am at a point of realizing the joys and purpose of spiritual disciplines,and have continuously dedicated my life to kemetic yoga as an integral practice. Of my spiritual journey I could say much, but the greatest point is that at every turn the teachings have come back to you as the ultimate personality I have come to know as a spiritual teacher in this age. I have attempted to contact you various times over the years, and never got through, and that only strengthened my resolve that I have had to grow until this point.

    Last night in communion with Ra, I felt a urge in my heart to attempt to find a way to contact you again. I would like sincerely for you to be my spiritual guru in this life. I do not expect anything. Your words and guidence, along wi virtuous study of the scriptures and myths, and practice of the kemetic yoga disciplines, have shown me that it is this tradition through your line that is the ultimate and correct path for me. I would like to have you as my guru, my sebai, as that is what you have already been in a virtuous way for years.

    I was not sure where to post this, as I have had trouble logging into the website for some time.

    I have created a website as a personal guide for myself. It is http://www.livingkemeticyoga.com.

    Dua! Ankh, Ooja, Seneb!

    Akhu Ra Anthony Bahlibi

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    Dua for this great website!
    Are you going to posts links to the blogtalk radio shows here at Kemetic World?

    Shems Arit Neter-S Mery Maati

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